Sunday, March 22, 2009


Blogger has not been kind to me the last couple of days. I have tried to upload a couple of times and even leave messages on other people's blogs and there was no way it was going to let me do it.
Anyway yesterday, I went on a photoshoot excursion with my friend Katrina. She belongs to the local Camera Club, and they had a late afternoon photo shoot. We ended up out at Q Mag at Parkhust. Lots of fun and I did manage to get a few good shots. (Well shots that I like anyway)

Day 81,
22nd March, 2009
We are a basketball family here. Steve's played it, and the girls have both played it. One of the many trophies.

Day 80,
21st March. 2009.

These were just a few of my favourite photos for the Photo shoot yesterday. It was a late evening night photoshoot - and although we did not have a very good sunset yesterday, I was still pretty happy with a lot of my photos. Love some of the interstesting clouds and skylines.
Who ever throught that taking photos of magnesium plants would turn out so well. Pretty boring in the daytime.

Day 79,
20th March, 2009.Much more difficult taking photos of these little fish in our aquarium. They are breeding profusely at the moment and we have lost of little baby fish being born. Steve loves to sit and watch them swim around most evenings, He finds it terribly relaxing.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Day 78,
19th March, 2009

Well I can't say that I took any photos today. Thursday is always a busy day here as we have TAFE and have to be gone by 4pm. It doesn't leave much time when quite often I don't get home from work before 4.30pm. Thought I would share some of the fun stuff I have been doing with Photoshop. We are working on compositions at TAFE at the moment, blending different photos in etc. We were given these three photos.
We were give the three photos above
This is what we had to come up with.

Was also inspired by Mel and had a little play around with grouping photos. Think I need a lot more practice though.
Well there not much more from me tonight. Time I hit the sack I think.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm a few days behind uploading, mainly because we had an extremely busy weekend, and then both Steve and I got hit with the vomiting bug. It has knocked us out cold for the past couple of days. Anyway here is the catch up.

Day 77,

18th March, 2009.
Still not feeling 100% today, although I must admit, I feel 100% on what I did yesterday. Still haven't had a chance to get outside and take too many photos. This is just some deocorations that sit on the coffee table.

Day 76,
17th March, 2009
Have been really sick today, so just took a photo of my fingernail. Actually this was taken to show my daughter Sarah, just how long it has grown. I have very soft fingernails, so this is extra long for me because they are usually broken long before they get to this length.

Day 75,
16th March, 2009
Just a wander through my garden this afternoon. Love the contrast of these two flowers.

Day 74,
15th March, 2009
Had a special farewell luncheon today after church for our good friends, Ricardo and Janelle Santa who are moving to Darwin. We are so sad they they are moving and will really miss them. Also took this photo of Chloe.

Day 73,
14th March, 2009Just a few catcus growing outside my front door.

Day 72,
13th March, 2009Took this photo a little while ago,
Becasue tonight I did go to the movies and I did go for coffee afterwards.
Tonight I went to the movies with my girlfriend Eleonore to see "Confessions of a Shopaholic"
Great girlie movie, and we did go out for coffee afterwards.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Day 71,
12th March, 2009

Haven't had a chance to take a photo today as it was raining after work and I only had an hour until I had to go to TAFE. I'm really enjoying the course - learning heaps and I definately want to book into the advanced course because in all honestly, I reckon the more I use it, hopefully the more it will stick in my head. Anyway I am still playing around with editing some of my photos just brightening and contrasting them.
Here is the OriginalAnd now here is the same photo with a little doctoring. Such a huge difference hey. Hoping the weather is better tomorrow and that I can get out and aboaut with my camera again.
Have a great day.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Day 70,
11th March, 2009

More fun in the garden. I love these red flowers, they only ever flower once a year during the month of Febrary. Every time one flowers I just have to take a photo of it.

Day 69,
10th March, 2009

Well haven't been out taking photos today, but have had some fun with photos I took on the weekend. These photos all needed to be brightened, so here is the original, and then the end result of Bright and Contrast in Photoshop. These are not necessarily good photos, in fact the last two original shown were not even my photo (the kiss was taken by my friend) but it is interesting to see that even bad photos can be made better.

The Original
Using Bright and Contrast - what a difference.The OriginalBright and Contrast again - I really can't beleive how much it improves the photo.
The Original
Bright and Contrast - unbeleivabe the difference.

The Origianal

Bright and Conrast again - so much more colour.
The OriginalBright and Contrast - at least you can see us now. This is so simple to do to.

Well until tomorrow.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Day 68,
9th March, 2009
Not too much to share tonight - another one of our beautiful sunsets.
Very tired tonight so need an early night.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


We have just got in tonight from having a great weekend away and as usual have way too many photos to share. Just going to quickly share these two potos

Day 67,
8th Mach, 09

These were sitting on the dash of the car ths morning.

Day 66,
7th March, 2009

This photo was taken with my point and shoot camera . I just couldn't resist it. This was what greeted us as we walked out the front of the Toowoomba hospital yesterday.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Day 65,
6th March, 2009

Snapped at the airport this afternoon just before we caught our flight. Two very happy people ready to have a weekend away together. Just used my point and shoot, and held it out in front of us.

It might be a couple of days before I upload again. It has been hugely busy this past week. However I will have photos to share as I am sure that I will be taking lots this weekend.

Day 64,
5th March, 2009.

Nothing hugely exciting today - just a keyhole - Too busy to do too much at the moment. TAFE this afternoon and packing tonight.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Day 63,
4th March, 2009
We have had some great sunsets and cloud filled skies lately. Love how the sun is shining through the clouds and lining them in silver.

It's been a hectic week - haven't had much chance to get on and upload photos this week. Have spent too much time on my other computer getting it set up with email and all other things I want on it before the cut off from USQ. Once they disconnect me from their VPN I need to sort out all the problems myself. Think it is all working fine now.

Day 62,
3rd March, 2009
Filling up at the bowser, the thirsty 4WD's sure eat it up. Both our cars run on diesel.

Day 61,
2nd March, 2009
My overstuffed handbag - travels everywhere with me and carries almost everything bar the kitchen sink.

Day 60
1st March, 2009
Love this time of day at the beach. Spent most of the weekend away at the beach with the girls from church.