Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Day 70,
11th March, 2009

More fun in the garden. I love these red flowers, they only ever flower once a year during the month of Febrary. Every time one flowers I just have to take a photo of it.

Day 69,
10th March, 2009

Well haven't been out taking photos today, but have had some fun with photos I took on the weekend. These photos all needed to be brightened, so here is the original, and then the end result of Bright and Contrast in Photoshop. These are not necessarily good photos, in fact the last two original shown were not even my photo (the kiss was taken by my friend) but it is interesting to see that even bad photos can be made better.

The Original
Using Bright and Contrast - what a difference.The OriginalBright and Contrast again - I really can't beleive how much it improves the photo.
The Original
Bright and Contrast - unbeleivabe the difference.

The Origianal

Bright and Conrast again - so much more colour.
The OriginalBright and Contrast - at least you can see us now. This is so simple to do to.

Well until tomorrow.

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  1. Slightly adjusting the Brightness and Contrast makes such a difference Karen, all of these photos are wonderful.

    I really love the one of you in the cap, its so natural and beautiful.