Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm a few days behind uploading, mainly because we had an extremely busy weekend, and then both Steve and I got hit with the vomiting bug. It has knocked us out cold for the past couple of days. Anyway here is the catch up.

Day 77,

18th March, 2009.
Still not feeling 100% today, although I must admit, I feel 100% on what I did yesterday. Still haven't had a chance to get outside and take too many photos. This is just some deocorations that sit on the coffee table.

Day 76,
17th March, 2009
Have been really sick today, so just took a photo of my fingernail. Actually this was taken to show my daughter Sarah, just how long it has grown. I have very soft fingernails, so this is extra long for me because they are usually broken long before they get to this length.

Day 75,
16th March, 2009
Just a wander through my garden this afternoon. Love the contrast of these two flowers.

Day 74,
15th March, 2009
Had a special farewell luncheon today after church for our good friends, Ricardo and Janelle Santa who are moving to Darwin. We are so sad they they are moving and will really miss them. Also took this photo of Chloe.

Day 73,
14th March, 2009Just a few catcus growing outside my front door.

Day 72,
13th March, 2009Took this photo a little while ago,
Becasue tonight I did go to the movies and I did go for coffee afterwards.
Tonight I went to the movies with my girlfriend Eleonore to see "Confessions of a Shopaholic"
Great girlie movie, and we did go out for coffee afterwards.

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  1. Oh how nice does that cake look? I hope you enjoyed the movie.

    I hope you and Steve are feeling better today, all of the photos are gorgeous.